Baterie laptop pentru HP Probook 450 G2 VI04 HSTNN-LB6J 756745-001

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Bateriile originale eXtra Plus Energy sunt de calitate superioara, certificate CE, FCC, RoHS, 100% compatibile cu bateriile originale.
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Baterie laptop pentru HP Probook 450 G2 VI04 HSTNN-LB6J 756745-001

Bateriile originale eXtra Plus Energy sunt de calitate superioara, certificate CE, FCC, RoHS, 100% compatibile cu bateriile originale..

eXtra Plus Energy means:

  • superior quality
  • carefully manufactured products
  • products at high standards
  • products with CE, FCC, RoHS certification
  • correct price for the chosen product

Eventually, eXtra Plus Energy is the perfect choice for your laptop.

Brand eXtra Plus Energy was created from the desire to offer quality products at the right prices. We want to offer the possibility of being able to work on your computer without problems, meeting high performance requirements. Through product quality, eXtra Plus Energy has succeeded in gaining the trust of many customers in a short time, with the brand growing rapidly. The portfolio includes products for mobile products, namely laptops, manufactured using Li-Ion battery technology. At this time, we are able to offer compatible batteries to hundreds of laptop models sold on the European market, and our goal is to sell batteries for over 95% of the models.

Specificatii tehnice
Brand Extra Plus Energy
Produs Nou
Tip baterie Lithium-Ion
Brand compatibil HP
Capacitate (mAh) 2200
Tensiune alimentare (V) 14.4
Numar celule 4
Compatibilitate Model

HP:?ÿ17-P000, 17-P000NA, 17-P000ND, 17-P000NF, 17-P000NG, 17-P000NM, 17-P000NS, 17-P000NV, 17-P000UR, 17-P001NA, 17-P001NM, 17-P001NS, 17-P001NV, 17-P001UR, 17-P002NG, 17-P002UR, 17-P003NG, 17-P003NP, 17-P003NS, 17-P003UR, 17-P004NF, 17-P004NG, 17-P004NS, 17-P004UR, 17-P005NF, 17-P005NG, 17-P005NS, 17-P005UR, 17-P006NF, 17-P006NG, 17-P007NF, 17-P007NG, 17-P008NF, 17-P008NG, 17-P009NF, 17-P009NG, 17-P010NR, 17-P010NW, 17-P023NG, 17-P024NG, 17-P030ND, 17-P031ND, 17-P032NG, 17-P033NG, 17-P040CA, 17-P041NB, 17-P045NB, 17-P047CL, 17-P050NA, 17-P050NO, 17-P050SA, 17-P051NA, 17-P051NO, 17-P051SA, 17-P052NO, 17-P053NO, 17-P054NO, 17-P055NB, 17-P071NR, 17-P074NB, 17-P078NB, 17-P080CA, 17-P081NO, 17-P090ND, 17-P090NG, 17-P093NG, 17-P100, 17-P100NA, 17-P100ND, 17-P100NF, 17-P100NM, 17-P100NO, 17-P100NP, 17-P100NS, 17-P100NV, 17-P100NW, 17-P100UR, 17-P101NA, 17-P101NF, 17-P101NG, 17-P101NH, 17-P101NM, 17-P101NO, 17-P101NP, 17-P101NS, 17-P101NV, 17-P101UR, 17-P102NA, 17-P102NC, 17-P102NG, 17-P102NO, 17-P102NS, 17-P102UR, 17-P103NC, 17-P103NF, 17-P103NO, 17-P103UR, 17-P104NF, 17-P104NG, 17-P104NO, 17-P104UR, 17-P105NF, 17-P105NG, 17-P105UR, 17-P106NA, 17-P106NF, 17-P106NG, 17-P106NO, 17-P107NF, 17-P107NG, 17-P107NO, 17-P108NF, 17-P108NG, 17-P108UR, 17-P109NF, 17-P109NG, 17-P109UR, 17-P110ND, 17-P110NG, 17-P110NR, 17-P110NW, 17-P111NF, 17-P112NF, 17-P112NG, 17-P113NG, 17-P113UR, 17-P114NG, 17-P114UR, 17-P115NF, 17-P115UR, 17-P116NF, 17-P116UR, 17-P117NF, 17-P117UR, 17-P118NF, 17-P119NF, 17-P119NG, 17-P120NF, 17-P120NR, 17-P120WM, 17-P121DX, 17-P121ND, 17-P121NF, 17-P121NG, 17-P121NR, 17-P121WM, 17-P122NG, 17-P123NF, 17-P123NG, 17-P124NF, 17-P125NF, 17-P126NF, 17-P127NF, 17-P128NF, 17-P130NF, 17-P130NG, 17-P131NF, 17-P132NB, 17-P133NB, 17-P133NF, 17-P134NF, 17-P136NF, 17-P137NF, 17-P140NB, 17-P143NB, 17-P145NB, 17-P147CL, 17-P150NA, 17-P150NM, 17-P150SA, 17-P151NA, 17-P151NM, 17-P151SA, 17-P152NM, 17-P155NB, 17-P156NB, 17-P158NB, 17-P160NR, 17-P160NW, 17-P161DX, 17-P162NW, 17-P170NG, 17-P170NW, 17-P180CA, 17-P180NG, 17-P180NO, 17-P180NW, 17-P181NG, 17-P182NG, 17-P183NG, 17-P183NO, 17-P184NG, 17-P185NG, 17-P186NG, 17-P199UR, 17Z, Beats 15, Beats 15Z, Envy 14, Envy 14T, Envy 15, Envy 15T, Envy 17, Envy 17T, Envy M7, Pavilion 14, Pavilion 14T, Pavilion 14Z, Pavilion 15, Pavilion 15T, Pavilion 15Z, Pavilion 17, Pavilion 17T, Pavilion 17Z

Compatibilitate Part Number HP: 756478-221, 756478-851, 756479-421, 756480-541, 756743-001, 756745-001, G6E88AA, HSTNN-DB6I, HSTNN-DB6K, HSTNN-LB6J, HSTNN-LB6K, HSTNN-UB6K, TPN-Q139, TPN-Q140, TPN-Q141, TPN-Q142, TPN-Q143, TPN-Q144, V104, VI04, VI04041-CL, VI04048, VI04048-CL, VI04XL
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Garantie 12
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