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Baterie laptop pentru HP Spectre Pro 13 G1 13-V000 843534-1C1 HSTNN-IB7J SO04XL

BrandeXtra+ Energy
Tip produsBaterie laptop
Brand compatibilHP
Tip acumulatorLi-Ion
Capacitate acumulator4550
Numar celule4
Tensiune de alimentare7.6
Garantie (luni)12

203,00 lei 272,00 lei

Nota :7.4V si 7.7V sunt compatibile,ambele pot fi utilizate.

HP Spectre 13 (2016)13-V000 13-V014TU(W6T89PA) 13-V015TU(W6T90PA) 13-V016TU(W6T91PA)13-V130NG 13-V123TU 13-V100 13-V131NG 13-V101NG 13-V102NG 13-V016TU(W6T91PA) 13-V030NG 13-V000NG 13-V001NG 13-V002NG 13-V082NG 13(2016) 13-V133NG 13-V001NP 13-V003TU 13-V007UR 13-V010TU 13-V013TU 13-V014TU 13-V016TU 13-V023TU 13-V029TU 13-V033TU 13-V107NF 13-V115TU 13-V117TU 13-V143TU 13-V161NZ 13-V130NG HP 843534-121 843534-1C1 844199-855 F1D61EA#ABD HSTNN-IB7J S004XL SO04038XL SO04XL 13-V000NA 13-V000NC 13-V000ND 13-V000NE 13-V000NF 13-V000NI 13-V000NIA 13-V000NL 13-V000NM 13-V000NO 13-V000NQ 13-V000NT 13-V000NU 13-V000NV 13-V000NX 13-V001DX 13-V001LA 13-V001NA 13-V001NC 13-V001NE 13-V001NF 13-V001NI 13-V001NIA 13-V001NJ 13-V001NL 13-V001NM 13-V001NQ 13-V001NS 13-V001NT 13-V001NU 13-V001NV 13-V001NX 13-V001UR 13-V002NE 13-V002NF 13-V002NL 13-V002NO 13-V002TU 13-V002UR 13-V003NC 13-V003NL 13-V004TU 13-V005TU 13-V005UR 13-V006TU 13-V006UR 13-V007TU 13-V009TU 13-V010CA 13-V010NB 13-V011ND 13-V011TU 13-V012TU 13-V017TU 13-V018CA 13-V018TU 13-V020TU 13-V021NR 13-V021TU 13-V022TU 13-V024TU 13-V025TU 13-V026TU 13-V028TU 13-V030TU 13-V031TU 13-V032TU 13-V035TU 13-V036TU 13-V037TU 13-V038TU 13-V039TU 13-V040TU 13-V041TU 13-V050NA 13-V050NW 13-V050SA 13-V051NA 13-V051SA 13-V056NZ 13-V070NW 13-V080NZ 13-V100NA 13-V100NB 13-V100NC 13-V100NE 13-V100NH 13-V100NI 13-V100NIA 13-V100NK 13-V100NL 13-V100NN 13-V100NO 13-V100NS 13-V100NT 13-V100NV 13-V100NX 13-V100UR 13-V101DX 13-V101LA 13-V101NC 13-V101NE 13-V101NF 13-V101NI 13-V101NIA 13-V101NJ 13-V101NK 13-V101NO 13-V101NP 13-V101NS 13-V101NT 13-V101NX 13-V101TU 13-V101UR 13-V102NA 13-V102NC 13-V102NE 13-V102NF 13-V102NH 13-V102NL 13-V102NN 13-V102NO 13-V102NX 13-V102TU 13-V102UR 13-V103NA 13-V103NE 13-V103NF 13-V103NG 13-V103NO 13-V103NP 13-V103NS 13-V103NX 13-V103TU 13-V103UR 13-V104NA 13-V104NG 13-V104NO 13-V104TU 13-V104UR 13-V105NA 13-V105NF 13-V105NG 13-V105NO 13-V105TU 13-V106NA 13-V106NF 13-V106NG 13-V106TU 13-V107NB 13-V107TU 13-V108NF 13-V108TU 13-V109NF 13-V109TU 13-V110CA 13-V110NF 13-V110TU 13-V111NF 13-V112NF 13-V112TU 13-V113NF 13-V113NZ 13-V114NF 13-V114TU 13-V115NB 13-V115NF 13-V116NF 13-V118CA 13-V118TU 13-V119TU 13-V120TU 13-V000NS 13-V001NO 13-V001TU W0J17PA 13-V008TU 13-V011DX 13-V015TU 13-V019TU 13-V027TU 13-V034TU 13-V050NZ 13-V101NV 13-V111DX 13-V111TU 13-V113TU 13-V116TU 13-V121TU 13-V122TU 13-V124TU 13-V125TU 13-V126TU 13-V127TU 13-V128TU 13-V129TU 13-V130TU 13-V131TU 13-V132NG 13-V132TU 13-V133TU 13-V134TU 13-V135TU 13-V136TU 13-V137TU 13-V138TU 13-V139TU 13-V140TU 13-V141TU 13-V142TU 13-V151NR 13T-V000 CTO 13T-V100 PRO 13 G1 G1-X2F01EA SPRCTRE SERIES 13-V117TU.

Compatible with part number: 843534-1C1 844199-855 HSTNN-IB7J S004XL SO04XL TPN-C127 HSTNN-1B7J

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Baterie laptop




eXtra+ Energy

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