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Cooler FAN laptop Asus F550L A550 X550C F450C F450L F550C 4PIN 11mm model A-THIK

Tip produsCooler ventilator laptop
Brand compatibilAsus
Conector4 PIN
Tensiune de alimentare5V

58,50 lei 75,00 lei

Asus F450C F450L F550C F550L A550 X550C X550 X550V X550VC X450 A450C F550 F552 K550 P450 P550 R510 R513 X550 X550V X550C X550VC X450 X450CA X450V X450C A450C K552V A550V

  • D – D452 D452C D452V D452VF
  • F – F450 F450C F450L F550 F550C F550CA F550CC F550L F550LA F550LB F550LC F550LK F550LN F552 F552CL F552LDV
  • K – K46 K46C K46CA K46CB K46CM K46SL K550 K550CC K550L K56 K56C K56CA K56CB K56CM K56CM-XX008 K56CM-XX014 K56CM-XX014D K56CM-XX055 K56CM-XX055D K56CM-XX055DPP450 K56X
  • P – P450 P450CA P550 P550CA P550LA
  • R – P550LARR510 R510 R510C R510CC R510JK R510JX R510L R510LAV R510LD R510LDV R510LN R513 R513CL
  • S – S550 S550C S550CA S550CM S550V S550X S56 S56A S56C S56CA S56CA-BH51 S56CA-BH71 S56CA-DH31 S56CA-DH51 S56CA-RS15N24 S56CA-WH31 S56CA-XH71 S56CB S56CB-DS51 S56CM S56CM-DH51 S56CM-SH51 S56X S56X3217CA S56X3217CAXX450
  • V550 V550C V550CA V550CA-DB71T V550CA-LB91T V550CA-OB91T V550CB V550CB-SH51T
  • X – X450 X450C X450CA X450CC X450CP X450EA X450EP X450LC X450LD X450LN X450VB X450VC X450VP X452 X452E X452EA X452EP X550 X550C X550CA X550CA-BB91 X550CA-DB31 X550CA-DB51 X550CA-DB71 X550CA-DB91 X550CA-DH31T X550CA-DH51 X550CA-DH71 X550CA-FB31 X550CA-QB31 X550CA-QB51 X550CA-QB91 X550CA-QH32 X550CA-QH92 X550CA-SI30303S X550CA-SI30303T X550CA-SI30304R X550CA-SI50304V X550CA-SPD0304U X550CC X550CL X550D X550DP X550EA X550EP X550L X550LA X550LB X550LC X550LD X550LN X550V X550VB X550VC X550VL X552 X552C X552CL X552E X552EA X552EP X552L X552LAV X552VL
  • Y – Y581 Y581C Y581CC Y581JD Y581LB

Compatible with part number: MF75070V1-C090-S9A 13GNSJ1AM010-1 13N0-PZA0101 13NB00S1AM020 13NB00S1AM0202 13NB00S1P01011 13NB00S1P01021 13NB00U1AM0101 13NB00W1AM01 13NB02F1AM0101 EF50060S1-C070-S99 KSB0705HB-CM01 MF60090V1-C480-S99 MF6009V1-C480-S99 MF75070V1-C090-S9A MG62090V1-Q020-S99 13N0-NGA0101

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Cooler ventilator laptop

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