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Cooler/FAN laptop Hp Pavilion X360 13-U 13T-U M3-U

Tip produsCooler ventilator laptop
Brand compatibilHP
Conector4 PIN
Tensiune de alimentare5V
Garantie (luni)12

61,20 lei

Cooler/FAN laptop compatible with the following models:

Hp Pavilion X360 13-U 13T-U M3-U

Hp Pavilion 13-U000 13-U009NA 13-U010ND 13-U011NA 13-U013NA 13-U017TU 13-U018TU 13-U019T 13-U026TU 13-U027TU 13-U032TU 13-U033CA 13-U036TU 13-U038CA  13-U038TU 13-U039TU 13-U040NZ  13-U040TU 13-U049TU 13-U050TU 13-U062NA  13-U062SA  13-U063SA 13-U090ND 13-U100NA  13-U100NE 13-U102NG 13-U103TU 13-U104TU 13-U105NA 13-U105TU  13-U105TU 13-U106TU 13-U108NA  13-U108TU 13-U110ND  13-U110UR 13-U111NA  13-U111NF  13-U111UR 13-U112NL  13-U112TU 13-U113TU 13-U116UR 13-U122NL 13-U130TU 13-U131TU 13-U132TU 13-U133TU 13-U135TU 13-U138CA 13-U140ND  13-U140NZ 13-U151TU 13-U157CL 13-U158TU 13-U162TU 13-U163NA  13-U163NR  13-U163SA  13-U164TU 13-U165NR 13-U170TU 13-U171TU 13-U172TU 13-U173TU 13-U174TU 13-U175TU 13-U180NO 13-U181TU 13-U182TU 13-U183NG x360 13-u020ca 13-u033ca 13-u038ca 13-u124cl 13-u140tu 13-u141tu 13-u142tu 13-u143tu 13-u157cl X360 13-u163nr 13-u180tu 13t-u m3-u003dx m3-u101dx m3-u103dx

Hp Pavilion 13-U 13-U000 13-U100 13-U038CA 13-U124CL 13-u157cl 13-U163NR

HP Pavilion 13-U020CA 13-U030NW 13-U036NW 13-U038CA

HP Pavilion 13-U100 13-U103NS 13-U113NL 13-U124CL 13-U138CA 13-U157CL 13-U163NR 13-U165NR M3-U001DX

Hp Pavilion M3-U M3-U001DX M3-U003DX M3-U103DX M3-U105DX 13-U TPN-W118 M3-U001DX U003DX U018TU

Hp Pavilion M3-U Series M3-U001DX M3-U003DX M3-U101DX M3-U103DX 13-U 13-U000 13-U020CA 13-U030NW 13-U036NW 13-U038CA 13-U100 13-U103NS 13-U113NL 13-U124CL

Cooler/FAN laptop compatible with part numbers: DFS400705PU0T DFS400705PUOT DGS400705PU0T-0FHHT0000H FOXCONN BONBON13 023.10065.0011 023.10065.0001 OFHHT0000H NFB59A05H NS65B06-16B06 855966-001 855966-001 NFB59A05H 0FHHT0000H NS65B06

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Cooler ventilator laptop

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