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Laptop display 15.6 inch slim HD 1366×768 NT156WHM-N10 40pin


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BrandeXtra+ Energy
Tip produsDisplay laptop
Diagonala display15.6
Format displayHD
Rezolutie display1366 x 768
Tip conectori40 pin

423,50 lei

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NT156FHM-T00 NT156WHM-A00 NT156WHM-A20 NT156WHM-N10 NT156WHM-N10 V5.0 NT156WHM-N10 V8.0 NT156WHM-N12 NT156WHM-N12 V5.0 NT156WHM-N12 V8.0 LTN156AT20 LP156WH3 LTN156AT11 LTN156AT07 LTN156AT30 LTN156AT34 LTN156AT20 LTN156AT30 LTN156AT07 LTN156AT11 LTN156AT34 NP450R5E NT156WHM-N10 LTN156AT35-W01 LTN156AT35-P01 LTN156AT34-D01 LTN156AT30-T01 LTN156AT30-D01 LTN156AT30-501 LTN156AT30-301 LTN156AT29-L01  LTN156AT29-H01 LTN156AT29-B01 LTN156AT29-401 LTN156AT20-W01 LTN156AT20-S01  LTN156AT20-P01 LTN156AT20-H01 LTN156AT20-F01 LP156WHU-TLB1 LP156WHU-TLAA LP156WHU-TLA1 LP156WHB-TLD1 LP156WHB-TLB1 LP156WHB-TLA1 LP156WH3-TLTB LP156WH3-TLT2 LP156WH3-TLT1 LP156WH3-TLSA LP156WH3-TLS3 LP156WH3-TLS2 LP156WH3-TLS1 LP156WH3-TLQ1 LP156WH3-TLL3 LP156WH3-TLL2 LP156WH3-TLL1 LP156WH3-TLF1 LP156WH3-TLE1 LP156WH3-TLD1  LP156WH3-TLB1 LP156WH3-TLAB LP156WH3-TLAA LP156WH3-TLA3 LP156WH3-TLA2 LP156WH3-TLA1 CLAA156WA15A B156XTN04.3 B156XTN03.0 SVE151J13M SVE151J11M SVE151G11M SVE151D11M SVE151C11M SVE1513B1EW NP510R5E NP470R5E NP370R5E B156XW04 N156HGE-LG1

Compatible with following laptop models:
Asus X550L A550C A550CA A550CC A550L A550LA A550LB A550LC A550LD A550LDV A550LN A550MD A550VB A550VC A550VQ A550ZA A550ZE A56C A56CA A56C A56CM F502CA F502SA F550CA F550CC F550DP F550EA F550IU F550L F550LA F550LAV F550LD F550LN F550VB F550VC F550W F550WA F550WE F554L F554LA F554LD F554LI F554LJ F554LN F554LP F554U F554UA F554UQ K550C K550CA K550CC K550DP K550IU K550J K550JD K550JK K550JX K550L K550LA K550LB K550LD K550LN K550LNV K550V K550VB K550VC K550VQ K550VX K550Z K550ZA K550ZE K555D K555DA K555DG K555L K555LA K555LB K555LD K555LF K555LJ K555LN K555LP K555U K555UA K555UB K555UJ K555UQ K555YI K555Z K555ZA K555ZE K56C K56CA K56CB K56CM P550C P550CA P550CC P550L P550LA P550LAV P550LC P550LD R505C R505CA R505CB R505CM R505JD R508C R508CA R509C R510C R510CA R510CC R510J R510JD R510JK R510JX R510L R510LA R510LAV R510LC R510LD R510LDV R510LN R510LNV R510V R510VB R510VC R510VX R510Z R510ZA R510ZE R511L R511LA R511LB R511LD R511LF R511LJ R511LN R550C R550CA R550CB R550CM R556DG R556L R556LA R556LB R556LD R556LF R556LN R556LP R556U R556UA R556UB R556UJ R556UQ R556YA S500C S550C S56CA S56CB S56CM TRANSFORMER BOOK U52F U52JC U53F U53JC X501A X501U X502C X502CA X502SA X550C X550CA X550CC X550CL X550D X550DP X550J X550JK X550L X550LD X550LDV X550LN X550V X550VC X550W X550WA X550WE X550Z X550ZA X552E X553MA X554L X554LA X554LD X554LI X554LJ X554LN X554LP X555LA X555LB X555LD X555LF X555LI X555LJ X555LN X555LP K56CB
Acer Aspire V5-531 V5-531G 5534 5538 5810 5810T 5810TZ 5810TZG 5820 5810T 5810TZ 5810TZG 5820 5820T 5820TG V5 5534 5538 5810 5810T 5810TZ 5810TZG 5820 5820T 5820TG V5
Dell Latitude E5540 E6540 3540 E5530
Dell Studio 1569 15Z
Dell Inspiron 15 15Z 3521 3531 3537 1570 5521 3521 3531 3537 1570 5523 15R 5521 5537 15Z 5523 5535 M531R 9FN4Y 09FN4Y
Dell Vostro 2521 5560
Dell XPS 15Z 
Fujitsu LifeBook A514 A532 A544 A552 A555 AH45 AH532 AH532G21 AH532G52 AH544 AH552 AH562 AH564 E753
Gateway EC54 EC5409U EC5412U EC58 EC5801M EC5801U EC5802UE C5809U EC5810U EC5811U
HP 250 G3
HP Comapq 15
HP Envy 15 15T 15Z 6 6T 6Z DV6 DV6T DV6Z M6 M6T
HP Pavilion SleekBook
HP Probook 450 455
Lenovo IdeaPad P500 P580 P580A P585 S500 S510P U510 U550 Y560 Z500
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eXtra+ Energy

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