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Tastatura laptop ASUS K56 X555L S56 A56 X556U R505 model UK

Tip produsTastatura laptop
Brand compatibilAsus
Limba tastaturaTastatura UK
ConectivitatePanglica date
Tastatura iluminataNu
Tastatura numericaDa
Garantie (luni)12

76,00 lei 89,00 lei

Laptop keyboard compatible with the following models:

Asus A56 A56CA A56CM A56E A56VM A56X A56XI N56 N56DP N56DP-DH11 N56DY N56V N56VB N56VJ N56VJ-S4042H N56VM N56VM-RB71 N56VM-S3113V N56VM-S3129V N56VM-S3151V N56VM-S4032V N56VM-S4125V N56VM-S4157V N56VM-SB71 N56VZ N56VZ-4338D N56VZ-DS71 N56VZ-S4016V N56VZ-S4022V N56VZ-S4023V N56VZ-S4026V N56VZ-S4035D N56VZ-S4036V N56VZ-S4044V N56VZ-S4049V N56VZ-S4066V N56VZ-S4165H N56X N56X45DP-SL N56XI321VM-BL N56XI323VZ-SL N56XI363VZ-SL N76 N76V N76VB N76VJ N76VM N76VZ N76Y R500 R500D R500DE R500DR R500N R500V R500VD R500VJ R500VM R500XI R505 R505CA R505CM R505VM R505X S550 S550C S550CA S550CM S550V S550X U500 U500V U500VZ X555L-XXX X555L-232V X555L-I811 k55vd x555l k55a x553m k55v r510v x551m X555 X555L X555Y A555L F555L K555L W509 W519 VM510 A555 A556 D555 X554 X556 R505C R505CB N56VM-4048X N56VM-S3022V N56VM-S3141V N56VM-S3150V N56VM-S4034V N56VM-S4047V N56VM-S4152X N56VZ-ES71 N56VZ-RS72 N56VZ-S3047V N56VZ-S4027V N56VZ-S4054 N56VZ-S4054V N56VZ-S4086V N56VZ-S4096V N76V8 R500VS R501VZ S550CB F556U R558UA CM591U VM591UV VM591UR FL5900UQ FL5900UB FL5900U X556UF X556UV X556UJ F556UA F556UA-AB32 F556UA-AS54 F556UA-EB71 F556UA-EH71 FL5900 K556U K556UA A556UQ VM591U A556U K556 K556UJ K556UV K556UA-WH51 K556UQ X556U X556UA X556UA-BB31 X556UB X556UQ X556UQ-NH71 X556UR A555LA A555LB A555LD A555LF A555LN A555LP D553M D553MA D553SA F553 F553M F553MA F554 F554L F554LA F554LD F554LI F554LN F554LP A F555LD F555LI F555LN F555LP F555LB F555LF F555LJ F555UA F555UB F555UJ F555YA F556UQ F556UR K553 K553M K553MA K555 K555LA K555LB K555LD K555LJ K555D K555DA K555DG K555LF K555LN K555LP K555Z K555ZA K555ZE K555U K555UA K555UB K555UJ K555UQ K555YI R515L R515LA R515LAB R515M R515MA R515S R515SA R556 R556L R556LA R556LB R556LD R556LF R556LJ R556LN R556LP R556UA R556UB R556UF R556UJ R556UQ R556YA R557L R557LA R557LD R557LI R557LJ R557LN R557LP VM590 VM590L VM590LB VM590LD VM590LJ VM590LN VM590Z VM590ZA VM590ZE W509LD W509LI W509LN W509LP W519L W519LD W519LI W519LJ W519LN W519LP X503M X503MA X503SA X553 X553M X553MA X553MAV X553S X553SA X555LA X555LD X555LP X555LN X555DA X555LB X555LF X555LI X555LJ X555QG X555SJ X555U X555UA X555UB X555UF X555UJ X555UQ X555YA X555YI R505CA-BB51-CB – CA A55 A751 K751 F751 S500 S56 A751LX5200 R513CL P550CA   A56CB P551 P551CA P551MA P551MAV R550 R550CA R550CB R550CM K551 K551L K551LA K551LB K551LN V551 V551LN S551 S551LA S551LB S551L S551LN

Keyboard compatible with part numbers: 0KN0-M31US13 0KN0-PE1US12 0KNB0-610AUS00 13NB00T1AP1202 90NB00T1-R31UK0 90NB00T8-R31US0 MP-11N63US-5281W 9Z.N8SSQ.D00 0KNB0-612WSF00 AEXK9S00010 XK9NSK-USD00 0KN0-M32IT13 0KNB0-6120US00 0KNB0-6620IT00 9Z.N8BBU.G0E 9Z.N8BSQ.101 9Z.N8BSU.101 AENJ8U00020 NSK-UP10 0KN0-PE1US12 0KNB0-610AUS00 13NB00T1AP1202 90NB00T1-R31UK0 90NB00T8-R31US0 MP-11N63US-5281W

Please compare the image with your keyboard especially the connecting cable (ribbon) which may differ in position length and width. Make sure that the laptop model of the keyboard series and the layout (key layout) correspond to your requirements.

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Tastatura laptop

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