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Tastatura laptop HP X360 14-BS 14-BK 14G-BR 14-BF 14-BP 14-BW 14-BA 240 245 246 G6 no frame

Tip produsTastatura laptop
Brand compatibilHP
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65,00 lei 75,00 lei

Laptop keyboard compatible with the following models:

HP Pavilion X360 14-BS 14-BK 14G-BR 14-BF 14-BP 14-BW 14-BA 14-BS000 14-BS100 14-BS500 14-BS057CL 14-BA 14T-BA 14M-BA 14-BS 240 g6 14-bs104nt 14-BS001TU 14-BS001TX 14-BS007TU 14-BS007TX 14-BS011TU 14-BS013TX 14-BS015TX 14-BS017TU 14-BS018TU 14-BS018TX 14-BS020TX 14-BS021TU 14-BS023TU 14-BS023TX 14-BS025TX 14-BS026TU 14-BS028TU 14-BS028TX 14-BS030TX 14-BS031TU 14-BS033TU 14-BS033TX 14-BS036TU 14-BS038TU 14-BS040TX 14-BS041TU 14-BS043TU 14-BS046TU 14-BS048TU 14-BS051TU 14-BS053TU 14-BS055TX 14-BS056TU 14-BS056TX 14-BS058TU 14-BS060TX 14-BS061TU 14-BS063TU 14-BS065TX 14-BS066TU 14-BS066TX 14-BS068TU 14-BS069TX 14-BS071TU 14-BS072TX 14-BS073TU 14-BS073TX 14-BS076TU 14-BS076TX 14-BS077TX 14-BS078TU 14-BS080TX 14-BS081TU 14-BS081TX 14-BS083TU 14-BS086TU 14-BS088TU 14-BS089TX 14-BS091TU 14-BS093TU 14-BS093TX 14-BS096TU 14-BS098TU 14-BS104TU 14-BS108TU 14-BS109TX 14-BS111TX 14-BS112TU 14-BS116TX 14-BS119TX 14-BS122TX 14-BS200TU 14-BS203TU 14-BS204TU 14-BS212TU 14-BS214TU 14-BS502TU 14-BS502TX 14-BS504TU 14-BS507TU 14-BS507TX 14-BS509TU 14-BS512TU 14-BS513TX 14-BS514TU 14-BS515TX 14-BS517TU 14-BS519TU 14-BS522TU 14-BS524TU 14-BS527TU 14-BS529TU 14-BS532TU 14-BS534TU 14-BS537TU 14-BS539TU 14-BS545TU 14-BS546TU 14-BS547TU 14-BS548TU 14-BS549TU 14-BS559TU 14-BS560TU 14-BS561TU 14-BS564TU 14-BS576TU 14-BS579TU 14-BS580TU 14-BS585TU 14-BS587TU 14-BS589TU 14-BS590TU 14-BS593TU 14-BS594TU 14-BS595TU 14-BS596TU 14-BS598TU 14-BS599TU 14-BS703TU 14-BS705TU 14-BS709TU 14-BS712TU 14-BS717TU 14-BS725TU 14-BS726TU 14-BS732TU 14-BS734TU 14-BS735TU 14-BS743TU 14-BS745TU 14-BS751TU 14-bs077tx 14-bs128tx 14-BA14-BA010CA 14-BA011DX 14-BA013DX 14-BA018CA 14-BA057CL 14-BA114DX 14-BS 14M-BA 14M-BA011DX 14M-BA013DX 14M-BA015DX 14M-BA114DX 14T-BA 14m-cd  HP 14m-cd0001dx 14m-cd0003dx 14m-cd0005dx 14m-cd0006dx x360 14m-ba 14m-ba011dx 14m-ba013dx 14m-ba015dx 14m-ba114dx 14m-bw series 14-bw006nr 14-bw010nr 14-bw065nr 14-ba 14-ba007ca 14-ba010ca 14-ba018ca 14-ba153cl 14-ba174cl 14-ba175nr x360 14-bf 14-bf040wm 14-bf050wm 14m-cf 14m-cf0020ur 14-cf0014dx 14-dk 14-bs 14-df 14-df00118wm 14-dk1022wm 14-BS 14T-BS 14-BW 14-BA TPN-W125 TPN-Q186 TPN-Q189 TPN-C131

HP 240 245 246 G6

Keyboard compatible with part numbers: 2B.AB201Q110 925307-031  V150546BS1

Please compare the image with your keyboard especially the connecting cable (ribbon) which may differ in position length and width. Make sure that the laptop model of the keyboard series and the layout (key layout) correspond to your requirements.

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Tastatura laptop

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