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Tastatura laptop Toshiba C50-B C50D-B C55-B C55D-B C50T-B C50A-B C50-A C50D-A C50T-A C55-A C55T-A C55D-A C55DT-A C55DT-B model UK


Stoc epuizat

Tip produsTastatura laptop
Brand compatibilToshiba
Limba tastaturaTastatura UK
ConectivitatePanglica date
Tastatura iluminataNu
Tastatura numericaDa
Garantie (luni)12

95,00 lei

Stoc epuizat

Laptop keyboard compatible with the following models:

Toshiba Satellite C50-B C50D-B C55-B C55D-B C50T-B C50A-B C50-A C50D-A C50T-A C55-A C55T-A C55D-A C55DT-A C55DT-B C55-B5299 C55-B5298 C50 C50D C55 14D C50-B03E C50-B03D C50-B32 C50-BST2NX3 C50-B1001 C50-B-14D C50-B-131 C50-B-14E

Toshiba Satellite C50-B C50-B-009 C50-B-00C C50-B-00M C50-B00N C50-B-017 C50-B-01C C50-B01G C50-B-021 C50-B-022 C50-B027 C50-B02F C50-B-02Q C50-B-02T C50-B-02Y C50-B031 C50-B032 C50-B03E C50-B068 C50-B06W C50-B-10P C50-B-112 C50-B-118 C50-B-119 C50-B-11L C50-B-122 C50-B-124 C50-B-12L C50-B-12M C50-B-12V C50-B-12W C50-B-12X C50-B-12Z C50-B-131 C50-B-133 C50-B-137 C50-B-138 C50-B-139 C50-B-13D C50-B-13E C50-B-13F C50-B-13G C50-B-13H C50-B-13K C50-B-13M C50-B-13N C50-B-13T C50-B-13V C50-B-143 C50-B-148 C50-B-149 C50-B-14C C50-B-14D C50-B-14E C50-B-14F C50-B-14H C50-B-14T C50-B-14U C50-B-14Z C50-B-151 C50-B-153 C50-B-154 C50-B-155 C50-B-158 C50-B-159 C50-B-15C C50-B-15D C50-B-15G C50-B-15H C50-B-15J C50-B-15K C50-B-15M C50-B-15N C50-B-15U C50-B-15V C50-B-15Z C50-B-160 C50-B-16C C50-B-16U C50-B-171 C50-B-173 C50-B-17G C50-B-17R C50-B-17T C50-B-185 C50-B-188 C50-B-189 C50-B-18E C50-B-18G C50-B-18K C50-B-18M C50-B-18X C50-B-190 C50-B-19E C50-B-19H C50-B-19U C50-B-1C4 C50-B-1C5 C50-B846 C50-B863 C50-B892 C50-B918 C50-B919 C50-B920 C50-B921 C50-BBT2N11 C50-BBT2N12 C50-BBT2N22 C50-BCNTN01 C50-BF07Q C50-BST2N01 C50-BST2N02 C50-BST2NX1 C50-BST2NX10 C50-BST2NX11 C50-BST2NX13 C50-BST2NX14 C50-BST2NX15 C50-BST2NX2 C50-BST2NX3 C50-BST2NX5 C50-BST2NX6 C50-BST2NX7 C50-BST2NX8 C50-BST2NX9
Toshiba Satellite C55-B C55-B1058 C55-B1080 C55-B1372 C55-B1373 C55-B1374 C55-B1399 C55-B1402 C55-B1410 C55-B1427 C55-B1428 C55-B1825 C55-B1834 C55-B1844 C55-B5100 C55-B5101 C55-B5115KM C55-B5116KM C55-B5117KM C55-B5142 C55-B5161 C55-B5166KM C55-B5167KM C55-B5170 C55-B5196 C55-B5198 C55-B5200 C55-B5201 C55-B5202 C55-B5212KL C55-B5213KL C55-B5214KL C55-B5220K C55-B5240 C55-B5240K C55-B5240X C55-B5242 C55-B5246 C55-B5260KM C55-B5261KM C55-B5265 C55-B5270 C55-B5272 C55-B5287 C55-B5290 C55-B5291 C55-B5293 C55-B5295 C55-B5296 C55-B5297 C55-B5298 C55-B5299 C55-B5300 C55-B5302 C55-B5319 C55-B5350 C55-B5352 C55-B5353 C55-B5355 C55-B5356 C55-B5362 C55-B5382 C55-B5390 C55-B5392 C55-B802 C55-B803 C55-B815 C55-B853 C55-B854 C55-B856 C55-B859 C55-B860 C55-B861 C55-B865 C55-B866 C55-B867 C55-B868 C55-B894 C55-B895 C55-B896 C55-B897 C55-B901 C55-B922 C55-B923 C55-B929 C55-B930
Toshiba Satellite C50-A Series C50-A-002 C50-A-006 C50-A-018 C50-A-01t C50-A-02t C50-A-02v C50-A-03d C50-A-03f C50-A-053 C50-A-0dv C50-A-0e7 C50-A-0fn C50-A-0jr C50-A-0jt C50-A-100 C50-A-106 C50-A-107 C50-A-108 C50-A-109 C50-A-10d C50-A-10g C50-A-10j C50-A-10u C50-A-110 C50-A-114 C50-A-115 C50-A-116 C50-A-11c C50-A-11f C50-A-11h C50-A-11j C50-A-11k C50-A-11n C50-A-123 C50-A-12c C50-A-12k C50-A-12m C50-A-12t C50-A-146 C50-A-149 C50-A-14e C50-A-14g C50-A-14h C50-A-14j C50-A-14k C50-A-14l C50-A-14v C50-A-14w C50-A-14x C50-A-156 C50-A-157 C50-A-15d C50-A-15e C50-A-15g C50-A-15l C50-A-16c C50-A-16k C50-A-175 C50-A-176 C50-A-179 C50-A-17q C50-A-17r C50-A-17t C50-A-17u C50-A-180 C50-A-182 C50-A-185 C50-A-19t C50-A-19u C50-A-1c6 C50-A-1ck C50-A-1cq C50-A-1dl C50-A-1dn C50-A-1dr C50-A-1dt C50-A-1du C50-A-1dv C50-A-1dw C50-A-1e7 C50-A-1f1 C50-A-1f5 C50-A-1ft C50-A-1fu C50-A-1fw C50-A-1fx C50-A-1fz C50-A-1g0 C50-A-1g3 C50-A-1g4 C50-A-1g6 C50-A-1g7 C50-A-1hd C50-A-1hf C50-A-1hv C50-A-1hx C50-A-1jm C50-A-1jn C50-A-1jp C50-A-1jq C50-A-1jr C50-A-1jt C50-A-1ju C50-A-1jv C50-A-1jw C50-A-1jx C50-A-1kq C50-A-1kz C50-A-1l0 C50-A-1l5 C50-A-1lf C50-A-1lr C50-A-1m0 C50-A-K6k C50-A-K7k C50-A-K9k C50-A-L2k C50-A-L2w C50-A-L3k C50-A-L3w C50-A-L6k C50-A-L6s C50-A-L7k C50-A-L8s C50-A-M3k C50-A004 C50-A005 C50-A006 C50-A00j C50-A012 C50-A013 C50-A014 C50-A01r C50-A055 C50-A057 C50-A073 C50-A074 C50-A075 C50-A076 C50-A089 C50-A0f2 C50-A0f3 C50-A0fk C50-A0g1 C50-A166 C50-A167 C50-A170 C50-A176 C50-A182 C50-A183 C50-A229 C50-A245 C50-A250 C50-A264 C50-A271 C50-A283 C50-A299 C50-A393 C50-A394 C50-A412 C50-A422 C50-A428 C50-A441 C50-A470 C50-A473 C50-A481 C50-A482 C50-A483 C50-A484 C50-A489 C50-A490 C50-A491 C50-A497 C50-A5001 C50-A502 C50-A506 C50-A507 C50-A510 C50-A511 C50-A512 C50-A513 C50-A514 C50-A5171wm C50-A5174fm C50-A5175fm C50-A5175wm C50-A5177wm C50-A5178fm C50-A533 C50-A534 C50-A535 C50-A536 C50-A537 C50-A538 C50-A539 C50-A544 C50-A545 C50-A546 C50-A547 C50-A548 C50-A550 C50-A559 C50-A560 C50-A561 C50-A562 C50-A569 C50-A570 C50-A571 C50-A572 C50-A589 C50-A613 C50-A628 C50-A630 C50-A634 C50-A635 C50-Abt2n11 C50-Abt2n12 C50-Abt3n11 C50-Abt3n12 C50-Ai0110t C50-An011 C50-Asmbnx1 C50-Asmbnx2 C50-Asmbnx3 C50-Asmbnx4 C50-Asmbnx5 C50-Asmbnx6 C50-Ast2nx1 C50-Ast2nx2 C50-Ast2nx3 C50-Ast3nx1 C50-Ast3nx2 C50-Ast3nx4 C50-Ast3nx5 C50-At06s C50d-A Series C50d-A-00d C50d-A-00r C50d-A-00s C50d-A-00y C50d-A-023 C50d-A-024 C50d-A-025 C50d-A-043 C50d-A-10e C50d-A-10h C50d-A-10k C50d-A-10m C50d-A-10t C50d-A-10u C50d-A-10w C50d-A-10z C50d-A-110 C50d-A-11g C50d-A-11l C50d-A-11m C50d-A-11q C50d-A-11r C50d-A-11w C50d-A-120 C50d-A-122 C50d-A-126 C50d-A-129 C50d-A-12m C50d-A-12r C50d-A-12u C50d-A-12x C50d-A-130 C50d-A-131 C50d-A-133 C50d-A-134 C50d-A-136 C50d-A-138 C50d-A-139 C50d-A-13e C50d-A-13f C50d-A-13g C50d-A-13h C50d-A-13m C50d-A-13n C50d-A-13r C50d-A-13u C50d-A-13w C50d-A-13x C50d-A-13z C50d-A-147 C50d-A-149 C50d-A-K8k C50d-A-L3s C50d-A00l C50d-A022 C50d-A025 C50d-A03j C50d-A164 C50d-A173 C50d-A5170fm C50d-A5170wm C50d-A5172fm C50d-A620 C50d-A631 C50d-Abt2n11 C50d-Abt3n11 C50d-Asp5261wm C50d-Asp5262fm C50d-Asp5262wm C50d-Asp5368fm C50d-Asp5369fm C50d-Ast2nx1 C50d-Ast2nx1 C50d-Ast3nx1 C50d-Ast3nx1 C50d-Ast3nx2 C50d-Ast3nx3
Toshiba Satellite C55-A C55-A-100 C55-A-101 C55-A-109 C55-A-10C C55-A-10D C55-A-10F C55-A-10L C55-A-10M C55-A-10N C55-A-10P C55-A-10Q C55-A-10T C55-A-10U C55-A-10W C55-A-111 C55-A-116 C55-A-11D C55-A-11G C55-A-11H C55-A-11L C55-A-11P C55-A-11Q C55-A-11W C55-A-11X C55-A-121 C55-A-125 C55-A-126 C55-A-127 C55-A-128 C55-A-129 C55-A-12C C55-A-12D C55-A-12E C55-A-12F C55-A-12H C55-A-12K C55-A-12M C55-A-12Q C55-A-12R C55-A-12U C55-A-12V C55-A-12W C55-A-12Z C55-A-130 C55-A-131 C55-A-132 C55-A-134 C55-A-136 C55-A-137 C55-A-138 C55-A-13F C55-A-13G C55-A-13H C55-A-13J C55-A-13M C55-A-13N C55-A-13V C55-A-13W C55-A-13X C55-A-13Z C55-A-140 C55-A-141 C55-A-142 C55-A-143 C55-A-144 C55-A-145 C55-A-146 C55-A-149 C55-A-14C C55-A-14D C55-A-14F C55-A-14G C55-A-14H C55-A-14X C55-A-152 C55-A-156 C55-A-157 C55-A-158 C55-A-15C C55-A-15E C55-A-15L C55-A-15P C55-A-15R C55-A-15W C55-A-15X C55-A-15Z C55-A-163 C55-A-164 C55-A-165 C55-A-166 C55-A-167 C55-A-168 C55-A-169 C55-A-16C C55-A-16D C55-A-16R C55-A-16Z C55-A-172 C55-A-173 C55-A-174 C55-A-176 C55-A-177 C55-A-178 C55-A-17D C55-A-17F C55-A-17G C55-A-17H C55-A-17K C55-A-17L C55-A-17P C55-A-17W C55-A-180 C55-A-181 C55-A-184 C55-A-186 C55-A-18H C55-A-195 C55-A-196 C55-A-197 C55-A-199 C55-A-19D C55-A-19K C55-A-19M C55-A-19N C55-A-19R C55-A-19X C55-A-1CG C55-A-1CK C55-A-1CQ C55-A-1CR C55-A-1CT C55-A-1CU C55-A-1CW C55-A-1CX C55-A-1CZ C55-A-1D1 C55-A-1D5 C55-A-1D7 C55-A-1DC C55-A-1E1 C55-A-1E2 C55-A-1E3 C55-A-1EH C55-A-1F6 C55-A-1FN C55-A-1FP C55-A-1G0 C55-A-1G2 C55-A-1G3 C55-A-1GJ C55-A-1GK C55-A-1GT C55-A-1GU C55-A-1H1 C55-A-1H9 C55-A-1HC C55-A-1HE C55-A-1HL C55-A-1HM C55-A-1HN C55-A-1J2 C55-A-1J8 C55-A-1J9 C55-A-1JH C55-A-1JJ C55-A-1JL C55-A-1JP C55-A-1JQ C55-A-1JV C55-A-1JX C55-A-1K0 C55-A-1K4 C55-A-1K5 C55-A-1K6 C55-A-1K7 C55-A-1K9 C55-A-1KC C55-A-1KG C55-A-1KU C55-A-1L0 C55-A-1L1 C55-A-1L4 C55-A-1L5 C55-A-1L7 C55-A-1L8 C55-A-1L9 C55-A-1LC C55-A-1LE C55-A-1LF C55-A-1LG C55-A-1LH C55-A-1LL C55-A-1M7 C55-A-1MW C55-A-1N0 C55-A-1N1 C55-A-1N2 C55-A-1N4 C55-A-1N5 C55-A-1N8 C55-A-1N9 C55-A-1ND C55-A-1NH C55-A-1NK C55-A-1NN C55-A-1NR C55-A-1NU C55-A-1NV C55-A-1P2 C55-A-1P6 C55-A-1P7 C55-A-1PC C55-A-1PN C55-A-1PU C55-A-1PV C55-A-1PX C55-A-1PZ C55-A-1Q0 C55-A-1Q1 C55-A-1Q2 C55-A-1Q3 C55-A-1Q4 C55-A-1Q5 C55-A-1QD C55-A-1QH C55-A-1R6 C55-A-1R7 C55-A-1R8 C55-A-1R9 C55-A-1RD C55-A-1RG C55-A-1RH C55-A-1RK C55-A-1RL C55-A-1RM C55-A-1RN C55-A-1RV C55-A-1T0 C55-A-1T6 C55-A-1T7 C55-A-1TG C55-A-1TK C55-A-1TP C55-A-1TW C55-A-1TX C55-A-1U3 C55-A-1U8 C55-A-1UC C55-A-1UE C55-A-1UG C55-A-1UJ C55-A-1UN C55-A-1UP C55-A-1V3 C55-A5100 C55-A5104 C55-A5105 C55-A5126 C55-A5137 C55-A5140 C55-A5166 C55-A5169 C55-A5172 C55-A5180 C55-A5182 C55-A5190 C55-A5195 C55-A5204 C55-A5208 C55-A5220 C55-A5221 C55-A5242 C55-A5243 C55-A5243NR C55-A5245 C55-A5246 C55-A5246NR C55-A5249 C55-A5281 C55-A5282 C55-A5285 C55-A5286 C55-A5297 C55-A5298 C55-A5300 C55-A5302 C55-A5308 C55-A5309 C55-A5310 C55-A5311 C55-A5322 C55-A5324 C55-A5330 C55-A5332 C55-A5347 C55-A5354 C55-A5355 C55-A5369 C55-A5384 C55-A5386 C55-A5387 C55-A5388 C55-A5390 C55-A5393

Toshiba Tecra C50-B

Toshiba Pro R50-B-107 R50-B-109 R50-B-10E R50-B-10G R50-B-122 R50-B-123 R50-B-12N R50-B-12P R50-B-12Q

Keyboard compatible with part numbers: 9Z.N7TSV.801 6037B0085002 151170638 Aer15u00310 V150120as1 V000320330 K000890020 K000890020 F149 9Z.NBDSC.00U NSK-V80SC 0U PK1315F1A04 K9Z.NBPSC.01D 9Z.NBDSC.001 K000890020 K000890020 MP-14A76U4-356 G83C000FG4UE

Please compare the image with your keyboard especially the connecting cable (ribbon) which may differ in position length and width. Make sure that the laptop model of the keyboard series and the layout (key layout) correspond to your requirements.

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Tastatura laptop

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