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Baterie laptop HP Envy 6 6-1030EW 6-1040EW 6-1130SW EG04XL


Stoc epuizat

BrandeXtra+ Energy
Tip produsBaterie laptop
Brand compatibilHP
Tip acumulatorLi-Ion
Capacitate acumulator2700
Numar celule4
Tensiune de alimentare14.8


180,00 lei 214,00 lei

Stoc epuizat

HP ENVY 6-1000 6-1102TU 6-1110US 6-1140CA 6-1180CA 6T-1000 6T-1100 6T-1200 6Z 1000 6Z-1100 CTO ENVY 6-1018TX 6-1090EE 6-1154ER 6-1019NR 6-1090EO 6-1155ER 6-1019TU 6-1090SE 6-1155EX 6Z-1000 6-1019TX 6-1100 6-1160EZ 6-1020EB 6-1100EA 6-1166EZ 6-1020EC 6-1100EE 6-1168CA 6-1000EP 6-1020ED 6-1100EJ 6-1170EF 6-1000ET 6-1020ES 6-1100SA 6-1170EG 6-1000EV 6-1020EV 6-1100SE 6-1170SF 6-1000SG 6-1020SD 6-1100SG 6-1171SG 6-1000SP 6-1020SP 6-1100SL 6-1172ED 6-1000ST 6-1020SS 6-1100ST 6-1000SV 6-1020SV 6-1101ER 6-1181EG 6-1001TU 6-1020TU 6-1101ES 6-1200 6-1001TX 6-1020TX 6-1101SS 6-1200EA 6-1002ET 6-1021NR 6-1101TU 6-1200EB 6-1002ST 6-1021TU 6-1101TX 6-1200EL 6-1002SY 6-1021TX 6-1102ED 6-1200EO 6-1002TU 6-1022TU 6-1102EP 6-1200ET 6-1002TX 6-1022TX 6-1102SO 6-1200SS 6-1003TU 6-1023TU 6-1102SP 6-1200SW 6-1003TX 6-1023TX 6-1201EA 6-1004TU 6-1024TU 6-1102TX 6-1201EP 6-1004TX 6-1024TX 6-1103EL 6-1201SP 6-1005SA 6-1025TU 6-1103TU 6-1201SQ 6-1005TU 6-1025TX 6-1103TX 6-1201TX 6-1005TX 6-1026TU 6-1104TU 6-1202EA 6-1006EA 6-1027TU 6-1104TX 6-1202EO 6-1006SA 6-1030EC 6-1105TU 6-1202SA 6-1006TU 6-1030EM 6-1105TX 6-1202SG 6-1006TX 6-1030EQ 6-1106ED 6-1202SS 6-1007TU 6-1030EW 6-1106TX 6-1202TX 6-1007TX 6-1030SM 6-1107TX 6-1203TX 6-1008TU 6-1030SQ 6-1108TX 6-1204EB 6-1008TX 6-1030SW 6-1109TX 6-1204EO 6-1009TU 6-1031ER 6-1110EO 6-1204TX 6-1009TX 6-1032EG 6-1110ET 6-1205TU 6-1010EA 6-1032SG 6-1110SG 6-1206ED 6-1010EB 6-1040CA 6-1110ST 6-1206TX 6-1010EC 6-1040ES 6-1110SW 6-1207TX 6-1010ED 6-1040EW 6-1110TX 6-1208ED 6-1010EO 6-1040SS 6-1208TX 6-1010EP 6-1040SW 6-1111NR 6-1209TX 6-1010EV 6-1047CL 6-1111TX 6-1210EW 6-1010SA 6-1048CA 6-1112TX 6-1210SW 6-1010SD 6-1050EB 6-1113TX 6-1210TX 6-1010SO 6-1050ER 6-1114TX 6-1211TU 6-1010SS 6-1050EX 6-1115EO 6-1212TU 6-1010SV 6-1050SO 6-1115TX 6-1213TU 6-1010TU 6-1050SS 6-1116TX 6-1213TX 6-1010TX 6-1050SX 6-1117TX 6-1214TX 6-1010US 6-1051EI 6-1118TX 6-1215TX 6-1011ED 6-1051ER 6-1120SM 6-1216TX 6-1011NR 6-1051SI 6-1120SQ 6-1217TX 6-1011SA 6-1052ER 6-1125EA 6-1218TX 6-1011SD 6-1053ER 6-1126EA 6-1220TX 6-1011TU 6-1054ER 6-1126SA 6-1221TX 6-1011TX 6-1055ER 6-1129WM 6-1222TX 6-1012ED 6-1058ER 6-1130EW 6-1223TX 6-1012SD 6-1060SS 6-1130SB 6-1224TU 6-1012TU 6-1061EF 6-1130SW 6-1225TU 6-1012TX 6-1061SF 6-1131NR 6-1226TX 6-1013TU 6-1070EF 6-1227TX 6-1013TX 6-1070EL 6-1146NR 6-1250EB 6-1014EA 6-1070EZ 6-1150EB 6-1250ER 6-1014NR 6-1070SF 6-1150EC 6-1251ER 6-1014SA 6-1070SL 6-1150EO 6-1252ER 6-1014TU 6-1071EF 6-1150ER 6-1252SR 6-1014TX 6-1071SF 6-1150EX 6-1253ER 6-1015NR 6-1075EZ 6-1150SO 6-1254ER 6-1015TU 6-1075SZ 6-1151ER 6-1255EC 6-1015TX 6-1076EZ 6-1151SF 6-1260EC 6-1016TU 6-1080EF 6-1151SR 6-1260EZ 6-1016TX 6-1080EO 6-1152EA 6-1260SF 6-1017CL 6-1080EX 6-1152ER 6-1270EF 6-1017TU 6-1080SF 6-1153EO 6-1270EZ 6-1017TX 6-1080SX 6-1153ER 6-1292ED 6-1018TU 6-1083CA

HP Envy Sleekbook 6 1010SA 1021NR 1030EC 1101TU 1110US 1129VM 1131NR 1140CA 1168CA 1180CA 1201TX 1210TX 1221TX 6-1000 6Z-1000

HP ENVY ULTRABOOK 6-1000EP 6-1010EA 6-1020SS 6-1030EW 6-1040SW 6-1050EB 6-1060SS 6-1070SF 6-1080EO 6-1090EO CTO 6T-1000

Compatible with part number: HSTNN-IB3T HSTNN-DB3T EG04XL TPN-C103 TPN-C108 681881-171 681881-271 681881-1B1 681951-001 681881-121 EG04 SDLB-P4593 EG04060XL EG04060XL-PL EG0460XL EGO4XL

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Greutate1 kg



Baterie laptop




eXtra+ Energy

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