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Laptop display 13.3 inch slim 40 pin HD left / right frame


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BrandeXtra+ Energy
Tip produsDisplay laptop
Diagonala display13.3
Format displayHD
Rezolutie display1366 x 768
Tip displayLED Slim
Tip conectori40 pin

296,00 lei

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B133XW01 V.1 N133BGE-L31 CLAA133WB01A N133BGE-L31 REV.C2 PHN 13002 B133XW03 V.1 LTN133AT16-S01 B133XW03 V.0 M133NWN1 R0 N133BGE-L31 REV.C1 STi As-1301 As1301 CLAA133WA01A N133BGE-L41 B133XTN02.1 LP133WH2(TL)(L3) 18G241306450 18G241306730 18G241306731 B133XTN01.0 B133XW01 V.0 B133XW01 V.1 B133XW01 V.4 B133XW03 V.0 B133XW03 V.1 B133XW03 V.4 B133XW03 V.5 N133B6-L24 N133BGE-L31 N133BGE-L41 N133BGE-LA1 CLAA133WA01A CLAA133WB01A 1VDC5 8MJWP XX31G Y38C6 CP500444-XX CP500445-XX CP541855-XX CP549876-XX CP567085-XX 588159-001 619448-001 633279-001 FRU 019626U FRU 04W1653 FRU 04W1655 FRU 04W1768 FRU 18004181 FRU 18004432 FRU 18004780 FRU 18004782 FRU 18200262 FRU 27R2434 FRU 27R2435 FRU 27R2437 FRU 27R2439 M133NWN1 R0 LP133WH2(TL)(A1) LP133WH2(TL)(A2) LP133WH2(TL)(B1) LP133WH2(TL)(B2) LP133WH2(TL)(E1) LP133WH2(TL)(F1) LP133WH2(TL)(F2) LP133WH2(TL)(GA) LP133WH2(TL)(HA) LP133WH2(TL)(L2) LP133WH2(TL)(L3) LP133WH2(TL)(M2) LP133WH2(TL)(M3) LP133WH2(TL)(M5) LP133WH2(TL)(M7) LP133WH2(TL)(N1) LP133WH2(TL)(N2) LP133WH2(TL)(N3) LP133WH2(TL)(N4) LTN133AT16 LTN133AT16-301 LTN133AT16-302 LTN133AT16-H01 LTN133AT16-L01 LTN133AT16-L03 LTN133AT16-S01 PCG-41218L PCG-41218M PCG-41218N PCG-51111U PCG-51112M PCG-5111W PCG-51211L PCG-51211N PCG-51511L PCG-51512M LP133WH2(TL)(B3) LP133WH2(TL)(E1) LP133WH2(TL)(F1) LP133WH2(TL)(F2) LP133WH2(TL)(GA) LP133WH2(TL)(HA) LP133WH2(TL)(L1) LP133WH2(TL)(L2) LP133WH2(TL)(L3) LP133WH2(TL)(L4) LP133WH2(TL)(L6) B133XW01 V.5 B133XW01 V.7 B133XW02 V.0 B133XW02 V.1 B133XW02 V.2 B133XW03 V.0 B133XW03 V.0 HW4A B133XW03 V.0 HW9A B133XW03 V.1 B133XW03 V.1 HW0C B133XW03 V.1 HW0D

Compatible with following laptop models:

Asus U32U U32VJ U32VM U33JC U33JC-A1 U33 U35 SERIES U35F U35JC U35 U38DT U38N UL30 UL30A UL30A-A2 UL30A-X5 UL30AT UL30J UL30JT UL30VT UL30 SERIES UL30A-A1 UL30A-A3B UL30A-QX130X UL30A-QX131X UL30A-X1 UL30A-X2 UL30A-X3 UL30A-X4 UL30V UX30 UX30S UX30V X301A X32A Seria B B33 B33E Seria P P30 P30A Seria PL PL30 PL30JT Seria S S300 S300CA VIVOBOOK Seria U U30 U30J U30JC U30JC-X3K U30SD Seria U U31 SERIES U31F U31F-2A U31F-RX217V U31JG U31JG-A1 U31JG-RX092V U31JG-RX104V U31JG-XA1 U31SD U31SD-A1 U31SD-AH31 U31SD-AH51 U31SD-DH31 U31SD-DH51 U31SD-HX51 U31SD-RX037V U31SD-RX049V U31SD-RX049X U31SD-RX054V U31SD-RX101V U31SD-RX102X U31SD-RX112X U31SD-RX127V U31SD-RX128R U31SD-RX129D U31SD-RX130D U31SD-RX146V U31SD-RX194D U31SD-RX197V U31SD-RX202V U31SD-RX206V U31SD-RX221D U31SD-RX222D U31SD-RX223D U31SD-RX224D U31SD-RX242X U31SD-RX260V U31SD-RX264V U31SD-RX289V U31SD-RX308V U31SD-RX327V U31SD-SH51 U31SD-XA1 U31SD-XH51 U31SG U31 U31E U31J U31JC U31JF U31S B133XW03 V.0 LTN133AT20 CLAA133WB01A B33E U30JC U30SD U31F U31JG U31SD U32U U33JC U35F U35JC UL30A UL30VT UX30

Clevo Seria W W130EV W130EW W831T1 W832T

Dell W07G4 0W07G4

Dell Latitude 13 13N 13Z 13Z 5323 13Z N301Z 13Z N311Z 3330 E6320 E6330

Dell Vostro 13 3300 3350 3360 V13 V13 Ubuntu V130 V131

Dell Inspiron 13z (5323) 1320 1370

HP Probook 4340s 4341S 5330M

Lenovo Thinkpad Edge 13 0196 E320 E325 E330 3354 E335

Medion AKOYA S3211 S3212

Toshiba Satelite L830

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Display laptop


Display laptop


eXtra+ Energy

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